Treat The Body

  • Massage our therapists are trained in traditional swedish, deep tissue and Indian techniques.
  • Pure aromatherapy oils and a great massage tailored especially for you is beneficial in removing all stress and aids in “pure relaxation”. We give you the massage that you need whether it is a “Deep tissue”
    to break down knots or “Relaxation” to destress.You will leave our clinic feeling on top of the world with no weight on your shoulders!
  •  Hot Stone Massage
    Experience Pure Relaxation! Warm Balinese Stones infused with an exotic cocktail of Marula Oil, Nutmeg and Ginger are used in this full body journey of Eastern and Western massage therapies. Designed to massage all of life’s stress’s away.
  •  NZSPA Mud Wrap  full body exfoliation, followed by a mud wrap fragranced with pohutukawa or alphine fern finishing off with the body lotion to match. Your skin will feel silky smoothe.
  • Sensorial Fragrances  We will exfoliate your skin with our ginger peel,  then we  will customise your massage to the fragrance of your choice which is added to a delightful body wax warmed and massaged .
  • Honey detox body    this treatment is designed for you if you suffer from fluid retention. A honey scrub is used on your legs and stomach, followed by a honey and essential oil  mask,  we perform lymphatic draining movements to help you eliminate the excess fluid.



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